GPS Chapter Guidelines

  1. Each chapter leader must be committed to the GPS mantra of                                 “Give first – Share always”
  2. Location times, meeting frequency and meeting duration are up to the chapter leader and should meet the needs of its members.
  3. All chapter leaders will meet every other month either by zoom or physical location, to review any updated information from each chapter. This meeting will be attended by a board officer and leaders. The meeting will be coordinated and facilitated by the GPS Executive Board Vice President.
  4. All dues and monies collected at meetings will be deposited in bank to be used for chapter expenses, marketing, events, etc. Dues are collected semi annually. Semi annual dues will be collected in July and January. New members will pay a pro-rated amount after attending two meetings. Chapter members will pay dues to each chapter they attend.
  5. Each chapter will be business category exclusive. Each member will promote only one business per chapter. If a member has multiple business interests, they are to confine the promotion of the business to ensure that category is not overlapping with another member.
  6. Each chapter will follow the GPS basic agenda.
  7. Chapter leaders will contribute to webpage content, and to the GPS Facebook page.
  8. Each chapter will maintain a separate database/member list for each chapter. Webmaster will post on website.
  9. Members may attend more than one chapters meeting – only if that chapter has no current member in that category. If there is a question as to category eligibility, it will be resolved with the chapter leader and the members involved.
  10. All participation in events such as mixers, fund raisers etc. are voluntary.
  11. All members will be asked, occasionally, by the board to volunteer for various committees. Thus promoting commitment and involvement.
  12. ATTENDANCE to regular meeting is obligatory to remain a member in good standing. It is requested that when a member misses a meeting that they notify a chapter leader. Missing two consecutive meetings without notice will put your membership at risk. Member will be reminded one time of failure to attend and then category will be re-opened.

Revised 9/2021  (Print out PDF version of GPS Chapter Guidelines)

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