“GPS is a group of dynamic women professionals who meet monthly to share ideas, energy and resources!”

Founder – Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis GPS Founder and CEO

In January 2010 I met with 4 other amazing women entrepreneurs and we discussed how we could be the solution business women were looking for in breaking into effective networking. We also determined that many of the groups we attended were just not quite what we were looking for and didn’t meet all of our needs. So we wrote a plan of action to form a group with and make fit just what we wanted. Life happens, and after our first few meetings the other 3 ladies left and I pushed on alone. Because of the time I spent with them, I was able to move forward with passion and purpose and I am still grateful for their inspiration.

Because our members saw our vision, we used that energy, focus and excitement to grow into the GPS Ladies Networking Group, a powerful organization dedicated to building the businesses of women, creating lasting and productive relationships and giving back to the community. The women that were invited and attended our first meetings saw the dedication and commitment and became the cornerstone of the group we have today.  I am forever grateful for their patience, suggestions and ideas, and collaboration.

As for me and the impetus that started my journey in making a difference in women’s lives, I have celebrated my Mary Kay business since 2007 after retiring from 30 years in retail management. The path of my wonderful company and the standards of customer service, team building and follow through, lead me to the place I am today. After the constraints of retail management it was such a relief to have so much more control of my life and choices, and I so appreciate the ability to make a positive impact on so many women’s lives.  The business I chose, the connections I have made with all the women I have come into contact with was no accident. It was my intention to lead a balanced life, find my calling, and follow it. I believe that if you pay attention to the whispers of your heart, and listen to your life speak to you, it will guide you to the path of the woman you were meant to be.

Debbie Davis
May Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

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