Roadmaps to Success Education Series


GPS would like to thank and honor all the website trainers for the Roadmaps to success series. The following names and businesses are responsible for making this series possible.

What Now Coaching-Pam Heward and Cheryl Toney ~ Program Facilitators and Trainers


Debbie Davis ~ Ind. Mary Kay Consultant

Spongie Jensen ~ Jensen Lifestyle Fitness (Glendale 2 Chapter)

Bev Hendricks ~ Kangen Water (Northeast Chapter)

Cindy Seipel ~ Helper B Business Assistant (Sun City Chapter)

Phyllis Strobel – Form-Tech (Glendale Chapter)

Eva Obregon ~ Edward Jones Financial (Glendale 1 Chapter)

Jamie Lau ~ Sole Foot and Ankle Specialist (Glendale 1 Chapter)

Joan Laubach ~ CSP Financial (Southwest Chapter)

Marie Clancy ~ Send Out Cards (North Phoenix Chapter)

Jana Craven ~ Jana’s Creative Cuisine (Scottsdale Chapter)

Dr. Debbie Thompson ~ Life Reset Chiropractic (Sun City Chapter)

What is the purpose of the GPS Roadmaps to Success Education Series?
The purpose is to provide GPS Members pertinent and powerful information that can be used immediately to impact their lives and their businesses.

What are the basic elements of the segments?

  • One-hour, education segments will be created and produced monthly.
  • Segments, when possible, will feature various GPS members educating about their specific area of expertise. (GPS Members will always be given the priority for being a Trainer.)
  • Presentations will be delivered via webinars that Members may access live and/or from the library of recorded sessions.
  • Debbie Davis will host each segment for continuity, engagement and fun.

How will the Roadmaps To Success Education Series benefit our Members?
This on-going, comprehensive and cohesive series will benefit Members at home, work and play. It has been designed to bring together the best minds of our Members to share their knowledge in business, marketing, social networking, personal development, and much more. It will take Members on a journey of success and provide roadmaps, insights, and innovative ideas that will help them arrive a the destination of their dreams.

What topics will be covered in the first year?
A high-level calendar for the first year is listed below:



Nov 2012 – Calculating Your Current Position (aka: Where Are You In Your Life Now?)
What is working in your life? What is not? What would you like to change? Be guided through exercises that answer these questions providing the catalyst for the journey you are embarking on. Explore the concept that there are no mistakes or coincidences, that where you are today is exactly where you should be and you have all you need to create the future you desire. Hosted by: Debbie Davis-Founder of GPS, Cheryl Toney and Pam Heward-Owners of What Now Coaching.

Dec 2012: The Decision To Begin The Journey
Whether contemplating making a career change, increasing your business, growing personally or finding the ideal work/life blend, this session helps you get clear about your destination. Members create personal and professional mission statements and explore business plan creation, all of which keeps the focus on achieving future success.

Jan 2013: Create A Road Map
Members will learn how to set SMART goals and create strategies to achieve them. They also gain insights on how to create a road map that incorporates achieving professional goals while maintaining a happy, fulfilled personal life; not to mention building in a little time just for themselves!

Feb 2013: Time to Pack And Prepare
What is necessary to be prepared for you journey? Tips for answering these questions and more will be shared: What funding do you need for the journey? What supplies do you need to acquire for your trip? What services do you need before you get started? What research is necessary to understand the road ahead?

March 2013: Who Is Going With You?
Assess your strengths and gaps to help determine who you would like to have with you on your journey to bridge your gaps, find out how the Gal Pal Program can support you and explore how to create a team of like-minded individuals who understand your vision and have a passion to help you make it a reality.

April 2013: Time To Hit The Road
Members learn find out how to establish strategies that stretch them a little yet are attainable in the virtual world. This includes solid information for creating an overall marketing plan, as well as the specific elements of social networking, SEO and social media.

May 2013: Road Hazards, Detours, And Traffic
This segment reinforces the importance of having a vision in mind while dealing with real-life events that happen along the way. Members are taught how to identify and overcome blocks that keep them stuck where they are and unable to see the possibilities that lie ahead.

June 2013: Tourist Traps
How do we keep from getting caught up in get-rich schemes / thoughts of overnight success and protect our financial and personal future? Listen and gain fresh perspectives about how to invest your time, energy and resources, both professionally and personally, to be as prepared as possible for what lies ahead.

July 2013: I’m Lost
No one achieves success alone. When feeling lost it is time to rally the team you built in March and find out about the project management and tracking tools available to keep you on your path. Learn how to utilize your team to refocus and re-clarify the roadmap to your destination as well as the latest tools for staying on target.

August 2013: Rest Stops
What do you do to rest and recuperate? This segment is on location at the yoga studio of one of GPS’s members (members are encouraged to attend the “live” session) and recorded for inclusion in the GPS resource library. Members participate in yoga, meditation, tapping, and relaxation breathing.

September 2013: Travelers You Will Meet Along The Way
In a talk show format Debbie interviews successful GPS members about the achievements, pain, recovery, resilience and joy they have experienced on their journey.

October 2013: Celebrate, Share, And Enjoy the Journey
It is a common misnomer that “giving away your success secrets” will somehow be negative for you. This is not true! There is plenty to go around for everyone. In this segment we celebrate all that the journey has brought us and open the road for even more abundance. Be ready for a lively, insightful presentation about thinking and living abundantly!

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