GPS Board Members

2016-2017 Current Board Members:

Founder / CEO – Debbie Davis

President – Viga Moss

President Duties: Coordinates any officer issues that arise that may require attention, represents GPS in official business, serves as ad hoc member to all GPS committees, and be the liaison between chapters. Attends all Chapter Leader meetings. Helps with balloting and tallying votes for board nominations. Creates agenda for board meetings. Is signer on all GPS accounts along with the founder

Past President – Phyllis Strobel

Past president Duties: Tally votes for elections, assist Founder with launching new chapters including new chapter leader checklist.

President Elect – 

President Elect Duties: Steps in if President cannot perform her duties. Will automatically be president the next term and will coordinate that years election of board officers. Will attend Board meetings and helps with chapter support. Helps tally ballot votes for nominations and election.

Vice President – Linda Zook

Vice President Duties: Will assist in coordinating officers, oversee GPS committees and assist in Chapter Management.  Also, oversee GPS Chapter leaders meetings, writes and sends out agendas for leaders meetings.

 Secretary – Dona Yantz

Secretary Duties:  Takes notes and transcribes all chapter leaders and board meetings. Maintains all GPS organization documents and sends out updates to the appropriate groups.

Treasurer – Deb Beckman

Treasurer Duties:  Manages funds of GPS organization and prepares monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports to be approved by board and distributed as needed.

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