Thank you so much to all that came to the Stars of GPS Awards and Appreciation Banquet.  This event was all about recognition for the leaders, and the Stars of GPS that make our organization so amazing.  This is a tribute I wrote to commemorate the evening. It is about inspiration, and what drives us every day to do all we do.

GPS has been such an inspirational journey. We make so many choices each day, and you never know down the road, how that choice will impact others. Sometimes when you have the heart to help others, and follow your own dreams in the process, you never know how much your idea or passion will grow, and all the people it will reach. Seeing all the women at our event and at our meetings every month, validates that this was the right choice and we are moving in the right direction.




The decision to organize a networking group for women had to be done with just the right program and all the elements in place to make sure it met the needs of the women that came to our meetings. I believe we have done just that..and the journey continues. We are and will always be a work in progress. The entire group of women in our chapters are what make GPS successful. It is not one person but all of us working together that makes it so amazing. The time we spend networking is an investment!  AND the paybacks in that investment can be priceless!!

We will continue to strive to maintain the integrity of our mission statement in all that we do. Our mantra of Give First..Share Always is not just words on a page, but it is practiced, demonstrated, and lived as we strive to make sure that the volunteer work we do at GPS fulfills the needs of our members. Celebrate all that we do to balance our businesses, our family and all we do for our communities. Thank your GPS leaders whenever you can.  Attend your meetings with a willingness to serve others. Use our many resources to help your build your businesses and tell others about your experiences. With your help, we will continue to grow and reach any woman in business looking for what we have to offer.

Hugs, Debbie


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