2014 Roadmaps to Success Education Series

Announcing our 2014 Roadmaps to Success Education Series. This is a free interactive program for our GPS members. You will be getting information from your chapter leader on reserving your space for this event. If you cannot attend, we will have the presentation produced for addition to the website, so you can view on the website about 2 weeks after the program.


Please mark your calendars!!!

All presentations are 9am to 11 with Snacks and drinks provided. Here are the presentation Dates and Locations:

1st segment February 28th at Peoria Chamber office 16165 N 83rd Ave #101 Peoria AZ – Pamela Heward

2nd segment April 11th at Peoria Location – Bev Hendricks

3rd segment June 13th at the Peoria location – Dr. Nadia Brown

4th segment August 8th at Peoria Location- Eva Obergon. We are partnering this presentation with our GPS Juniors group and their parents.

5th segment September 19th at the Peoria location – Ann-Marie Roybal

6th Presentation November 14th at Peoria location – Debbie Davis


GPS Education Series 2014
And the Journey Continues….

2013 Education Series - CLICK to RegisterFebruary 28th: Removing Barriers to Success- Presenter, Pamela Heward
This topic is the number one requested subject selected on all of the feedback forms completed by GPS members. This presentation will be both motivational and informational.

Some topics covered:

  • How to get out of your own way when creating your success
  • The 4 saboteurs that block you from creating the life you love
  • Interactive exercises: reframing and rephrasing


2013 Education Series - CLICK to RegisterApril 11th: Effective Networking – Presenter, Bev Hendricks
How do you present yourself in the business world? What should you expect from networking groups and networking events? What is the best way to go about selecting networking groups?

Learn how to:

  • Avoid becoming a stalker
  • Create lasting productive relationships
  • Build power partners
  • Mastermind groups
  • Refine your message


2013 Education Series - CLICK to RegisterJune 13th: Public Speaking – Presenter, Dr. Nadia Brown
Public Speaking is crucial when presenting yourself and your business and also creates high levels of anxiety for most business professionals.

In this segment we will address:

  • Elevator Speech: what is it and how to master it
  • What tools to use when presenting, handouts, powerpoint, video…
  • Planning for your presentation
  • Practicing for you presentation


2013 Education Series - CLICK to Register August 8th: Managing your Finances – Presenter, Eva Obergon
This presentation is not only for our members but a special program for young women.

Topics covered:

  • Managing monthly expenditures
  • How to save at any age
  • Creating a realistic budget
  • Tools and resources for managing your finances
  • Understanding the professionals in the financial world, what do they really do??


September 19th: Making sense of Marketing – Presenter, Ann-Marie Roybal
There are so many options for marketing your business, how do you make sense of it all and make the right choice (s) for you and your business budget?

Some topics addressed:

  • Print media
  • Social Media
  • Networking
  • Creating a realistic budget for marketing
  • SEO
  • Websites


November 14th: Give First Referring – Presenter, Debbie Davis
Debbie will share the best way to get the word out about other people’s businesses and why this is important for growing your own business.

  • How to be a strong Referral Partner
  • Be in the moment for sharing
  • Discussion guidelines on Heart Centered Listening
  • What is her “material” Why?  “Emotional” Why?
  • Observing body language and personality and matching
  • Being service minded and put the spotlight on HER
  • Being authentic, trustworthy, and conducting your business with integrity

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