Education Series – October 2013

We are excited to wrap up this amazing year of the GPS Education Seminar Series with “Celebrate, Share and Enjoy the Journey” In this 12th and final segment for 2013, Debbie talks with Eva Obregon about her journey of discovery and the many steps she took, and obstacles she overcame to reach her success.

We are all on a journey to success in many ways, and Pam, Cheryl, Toni and I want to thank you all for traveling with us this year as we shared every segment with you. Every segment of this series was designed to help our GPS members with ANY challenge you might come across as you move toward building your business. We worked so hard to make sure the content was timely and informative. The presentation platforms improved as we educated our selves on this process. But that’s a whole other story, as “Mother Hubbard” would say.

Again..thank you to all our presenters..they volunteered their information, time and finally their hearts. They truly GAVE FIRST!! Thank you to Pam, Cheryl, Toni for all you do and of course the video producer Navid, from Phoenix Video Productions. He took the time to listen to what we’re all about, and helped us prepare a quality product for our members.

Please enjoy Eva’s story…we are honored to have her open up and share this journey with us..and hopefully some of you will hear it, and relate to the message and be inspired!!

Debbie Davis

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2 Responses to Education Series – October 2013

  1. Margie says:

    I am really enjoying these webinars. Debbie you do an awesome job interviewing and you ask some great questions. You are such a natural at it! You all look so confident and relaxed and conversations flowing flawlessly. I especially resonated with what you said about not being an island and asking for help.
    Keep up the great work ladies! Look forward to seeing you in the next series.

    Inward and upward,
    Margie Overfield,
    Kneading Care Massage~
    “Where just a touch means so much”

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