*NEW* GPS Resources & Member Specials

GPS loves their members and not only wants to share important information and resources but offer member specials from “other” GPS members.

What is our Resources page? If you subscribe or visit a particular website because they provide valuable business information, helpful tip and tricks or even a personal influence, please share that information with other GPS members.


What is our GPS Member Specials page? If you would like to offer GPS members a monthly business special, let them know about an upcoming sale or event with a special promotion we want to add it to our Member Specials page.

This information for either the Resources or Member Specials page will be updated on a monthly basis (same schedule as our Member Directory information). Please provide this information to you chapter leader.

For the Resources page, please make sure your information includes:

  • Website link
  • Brief description of why you think it’s valuable
  • Your name and phone #

For the Member Specials page, please provide the following information:

  • Description of special, promotion, sale, discount or upcoming event
  • Your contact information – name, company, website, phone #(s), email address

We look forward to hearing from you. View these pages monthly and see what “NEW” information your fellow GPS members are sharing.

GPS Resources

GPS Member Specials

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