Member Spotlight – 3nd Qtr 2013

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – 3rd Quarter 2013

We are proud to honor our GPS members in this Spotlight Section of our website. These women exemplify the spirit of Give First…Share Always in everything they do. They are a shining example to their business associates and Chapter members. They give of themselves unselfishly and we are recognizing them in this section to let them know they are so appreciated. They help to create the positive energy that people attending our meetings call the “GPS experience.” That energy attracts like-minded woman that thrive in that environment and from there we create all the programs and events that help us all in our business, personal and everyday lives. Ladies, this tribute is for you..and very well deserved.

“All that you are is all around you.”

Glendale Chapter

Stephanie Greenwood

Stephanie Greenwood – Care From the Heart,,, (623) 330-1119.

I am so excited that Stephanie Greenwood is a member not only of Glendale 1 chapter, but of GPS as a whole. She is so kind and generous in her dealings with other members, she has great business credibility, a sweet spirit and and embodies totally the spirit of GPS Give First..Share Always. She is honest, comes to meetings regularly, does what she says she will do, and is a great role model for our new members. Thank you Stephanie Greenwood for blessing my life and the lives of all of us in our GPS Glendale Chapter! Debbie Davis, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Glendale Chapter #2

Dr Debbie Thompson

Dr. Debbie Thompson – Life Reset Chiropractic,,, (206) 356-2345.

We are blessed to have so many quality women in our Glendale 2 GPS Chapter, and Dr. Debbie, known to many as “The Energy Doctor,” and Life Reset Chiropractic, certainly is the one we would like to kick off our first Spotlight choice for this quarter.

She attends every meeting with a smile and joyful attitude. Dr. Debbie is always willing to help and did a business presentation with one days notice when another member was absent.

She is generous to offer great specials to GPS members and truly has a big heart and wants to see her patients live pain free both physically and emotionally.

She embodies the spirit of “Give first, share always,” and volunteered at our G2 as our fundraiser as photographer extraordinary, and worked even harder after the event to make sure the photos were distributed to the right women.

She recently volunteered to be the “calendar girl.”

Dr. Debbie is a ray of sunshine and deserves to be G 2’s Spotlight!

Glendale Evening Chapter

Lisa Woodgate

Lisa Woodgate – Lia Sophia,, 623-512-7877,

Lisa has been a member since we first started the Glendale Evening Chapter. She was also the first person to step up and do her Product Presentation. She immediately saw the value in GPS by inviting a friend to the second chapter meeting who also joined right away. Lisa is willing to step up when asked to help in any capacity. She always has a smile on her face and you can tell that she really loves what she does with Lia Sopia. By Sandee Giller, Chapter Leader

Lisa Woodgate, has been a member of Glendale Evening since the first evening that we met. She is a very outward going person and willing to help or assist as needed. She is always ready to participate with the Product Presentation, Do Tell, Education Program, and now the upcoming fundraiser. She is welcoming to any guest that we have and always has a very positive attitude. She is very positive and excited about her business with Lia Sophia. By Vonnie Warr, Co-Leader

Litchfield Chapter

Leslie Dixon

Leslie Dixon – Velocity Group, LLC, Phone Number: 623-694-3113, Email:

Leslie Dixon grew up in Illinois and moved to Arizona in 1988. She has been an Interior Designer for numerous years. In the past 3 years, she has switched her focus, and is working with Velocity Group. Leslie has been with GPS-Litchfield Park Chapter since we have started the group. She has been a great asset to our group, helping us grow. She is always willing to support the women in our group. We are so blessed to have Leslie with us. Pamela Jean Mitchell

North Phoenix Chapter

Teri Shardy

Terry Shardy – Phone:602-694-0210, Website:,

Choosing a candidate that exemplifies the GPS motto of giving first and sharing proved to be a real challenge for our chapter. However one ladies name kept popping up and I feel this lady truly represents the caring, sharing, promoting others that the Gals Prepared to Succeed networking program represents. Her business practices have earned her kudo’s from many of her colleagues and co-workers.

Teri Shardy is North Phoenix candidate. There are many adjectives that describe people personalities.. Here are some adjectives that we found describe our Teri.

Aggressive – Teri is ready to attack or confront injustice.

Ambitious – a strong desire and determination to succeed. . Recently she was scheduled to host a webinar event at her home and faced the heartbreak and challenge of her mom’s unexpected death. Not only did she host the event – she donated “coins” for a memorial in her mom’s honor. Teri said, “mom believed in the GPS principles and her mom would be pleased to be a part of helping women be successful & reach their goals”.

Busy – Daytime Teri manages a law firm with time off to attend GPS meetings/events. Evenings, she is mom, grandma and wife and finds time to lights up people lives with her Gold Canyon Candles.

Confident – in herself, her family, and friends Teri jungles the balls from a hectic and busy schedule – but somehow she is always down to earth, easy going and always approachable. Some would say she is an extrovert – I would say, “loving, outgoing, expressive, kind, caring and generous (she is always ready to help her family, co-workers and GPS sisters)

Honest, integrity, intelligent, – and revels in others successes.

Open, communicative and truthful. Her optimistic and positive outlook on life is to be envied.

Determined to be successful and loves to help GPS reach goals. Talented – I am always in awe of her ability to put things in perspective and when Teri says something will be done just stay back and watch it happen

It is a privilege to nominate Teri Shady for this honor Teri embodies the GPS spirit in every way. Giving first, share always

Northwest Valley Chapter

Linda Zook

Linda Zook – Realtor, Prudential Arizona Properties,,, 602-518-2815

When I hear someone talking about a person who is giving, sweet, helpful, remarkable, kind and goes out of her way to be helpful, a name comes to mind, Linda Zook. She is always there for you and has your back. For our spotlight chapter person, I would like to nominate Linda Zook. – By Dora Lee (Sparki) Malm, Leader

Linda has been a great asset to our chapter. She is willing to step up whenever needed. She has represented our chapter at the board meeting and she ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She is an encourager to the other members of our chapter. By Sandee Giller, Co-Leader

Peoria Chapter

Carol Moning

Carol Monnig – Shaklee Independent Distributor, Home: 623-566-9439, Cell: 602-859-4962, or

Carol Monnig is such a great person. The first time we met she was so warm and kind.
 Sharing first and giving always is just who she is! She is always willing to lend a helping
 hand in our chapter or if someone is in need. I know that I always look forward to
seeing her sweet smile and loving heart. Her knowledge of Shaklee is outstanding.
She has helped me with some of her health products as well as other people. It has
been such a joy having her in our chapter. Pam Eaton-Mary Kay, GPS Chapter Leader Peoria

Carol embodies the GPS motto, Give first..share always. When you meet Carol you will know within just a few minutes that she is a woman who truly cares for others. Her gentle and sweet spirit is present in every word and action. Carol has been a Shaklee Independent Distributor for 8 years and she believes in her product line. Her knowledge about the benefits that Shaklee brings is impressive but the care in which she serves her customers is what makes her business very different. I have witnesses first hand her giving first, I was having major allergies problems this spring and Carol noticed, then she acted…handing me a bottle of immunity boosters she said “Take this product it will help you build your immunity and fight off the allergies.” She then explained what all natural ingredients were in the product and how soon I should experience results. Then she said, “and if it works for you, you can pay me then. If it doesn’t just give me back the rest of the bottle.” This act of kindness is unheard of except every once in a while when someone special steps up and puts thoughts into actions. I have found that Carol’s true nature is to give first and share always that’s why nominating her for the spotlight just fits. Mary Ann Kettner-Lyoness

Scottsdale Chapter

Pam Heward

Pam Heward – What Now Coaching LLC, (602) 821-3966,,

Cecily Merdes

Cecily Merdes – Statewide Lighting, (602) 725-9179,,

It is with pleasure to honor both Pam Heward and Cecily Merdes as Scottsdale GPS Spotlight nominees. Their dedication and willingness to lend a helping hand to the GPS organization as well as the individual members truly embodies the GPS Spirit of “Give First, Share Always”.

Pam is a very busy lady. She is not only a mother of five children; she owns and operates “What Now Coaching” with Cheryl Toney. Pam’s attitude towards life is refreshing, encouraging, and she is certainly a role model for those whose lives she touches.

Cecily Merdes wears many hats. She is a mother, grandmother, a lighting consultant at State Wide Lighting, and a charter member of GPS. She truly has a heart for the GPS organization. Always giving her best she has served on numerous committees, making sure every detail is completed. She is a real asset to our Scottsdale chapter. You could say, “She lights up your life and home.”

Pam and Cecily serving spirit and caring hearts are a blessing to the Scottsdale GPS Chapter and to the GPS organization. Jana Craven, Jana’s Creative Cuisine, LLC

Southwest Chapter

Pan Conlan – Flip n Furniture, 623-536-3426,,

My pick is Pat Conlan of Flip n Furniture. Pat truly embodies the Give First, Share Always spirit of GPS. She is there at every meeting, smiling and greeting everyone as they arrive. She helps me so much by taking attendance and collecting money. Pat has become a valuable resource for the Southwest Valley by opening her store in the evening for educational events and networking. Pat is a business coach and has shared her incredible knowledge with our chapter. I look forward to seeing her smiling face at every meeting. Joan Laubach

Sun City Chapter

Toni Steffen

Toni Steffen – Websites by Toni,, (602)329-1450,

We proudly announce the spotlight member for Sun City is Toni Steffen. Toni has been a valued member of our chapter since we began our chapter and exemplifies the GPS Mantra in everything she does. She successfully balances her business, family, and GPS. She has amazing integrity in all she does, and this is a great example to the other chapter members. When you think of the “GPS Woman”..Toni is one of the first people you think of that has all of those wonderful qualities. Credibility in all her business dealings, honesty, integrity, a great sense of humor, always smiling. The GPS organization as a whole is all the better for knowing Toni and having her in our group. Respecfully Submitted:The Leadership of the Sun City Chapter of GPS

Surprise/Sun City Chapter

Pat Horton

Pat Horton – All About Marketing, (623) 584-4090,

I met Pat in 2008 at a networking meeting in Sun City. Pat had just completed Success or Failure – The Choice is Yours – with Tom Loegering from the Sun City Country Club. Pat decided retirement wasn’t a good option – she enjoys people so she identified a way to continue getting out there and mingling at several different meetings every week throughout the Valley. Pat started All About Marketing – she can be your voice at events you want to cover but don’t have enough time. Pat is positive, loving, energetic, the 2012 Woman of the Year, and a delight to know and work with. We’re proud to have her in our GPS chapter and grateful she’s here to market for us when we can’t. Pat is our yellow rose and Angel! GEORGIA

I met Pat over 15 years ago….. Pat your smile still warms the room. You are such a giving person constantly helping others in so many ways your passion for life is incredible. With the energy of a 50 year old and a heart of gold. I am so proud to call you “friend” LOVE YOU. GAIL

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6 Responses to Member Spotlight – 3nd Qtr 2013

  1. Congratulations, Stephanie! We are ALL so very proud of you. You are truly an asset to our GPS group and to the entire community! Paulette

    • GPS Lady says:

      Thanks Paulette..we are proud of all 11 of our Spotlight Members. They are such a great example of what we are striving to achieve as business women. Stephanie is certainly all that and more 😉

  2. Stephanie, Congratulations. You really do have it all together!

  3. Dee Roberts says:

    Way to go Stephie!! As a former member of GPS, I would like to say “thank you” for always being there to support and lend a helping hand not only to me, but to everyone! You are truly everything that GPS is about!
    I love and miss you all. Thanks for all your love, prayers and cards. I am hanging in there and getting better ….. day by day.

  4. WOW – what talented ladies we have in GPS. These ladies have enriched and touched so many lives. They personify what GPS is all about “Give First, Share Always.”
    Bev Hendricks – aka “Mother Hubbard”
    N. Phoenix Chapter

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