Education Series – March 2013

Material to print-out for presentation:

Powerpoint Slides

Additional Handouts – DISC for Team Building and Summary of DISC System

Click HERE to take the JUNG Test as noted by Debbie Davis

Feedback Form

Who Is Going With You?

Please join Debbie Davis, Founder of Gals Prepared to Succeed, Series Coordinators, Pamela Heward and Cheryl Toney of What Now Coaching on March 14, 7-8pm for this live Webinar. They will be discussing:

Assess your strengths and gaps to help determine who you would like to have with you on your journey to bridge your gaps, find out how the Gal Pal Program can support you and explore how to create a team of like-minded individuals who understand your vision and have a passion to help you make it a reality.



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