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Dec 2012: The Decision To Begin The Journey
Segment 2 of 12 in the GPS Roadmaps To Success Education Series, The Decision To Begin The Journey is a must see for anyone ready to create a vision and mission statement both personally and/or professionally. You will also learn how to use a daily business plan for generating revenue.

Having a mission and vision statement is important because they embody who you are, what you stand for and a clear picture of your ultimate “destination”. In this segment, Pamela Heward and Cheryl Toney delve into:

  • The difference between a mission and vision statement
  • How to write mission and vision statements
  • Vision board creation

Debbie Davis then shares her insights for creating and working a daily business plan that is – simple, short and easy! She teaches:

  • How to create a plan that achieves your dreams and goals
  • Tools for using lists effectively
  • Insights on system and strategy

… not sure what this means? Click here to view the recording of this highly helpful presentation.

Cheryl and Pam are both graduates of and are certified through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Prior to coaching Pam, with a partner, owned and operated a successful staffing company in Los Angeles for over 10 years. Cheryl, throughout her 25-year career, primarily worked for/with high-net worth entrepreneurs, excelling in business administration, management and operations. They excel at blending their previous experience and coaching skills to work with their clients to dig deep and do what is necessary to uncover their passion and live life like never before.

Debbie has over 30-years’ management experience at Fry’s and for the past 6 years she has been an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mark Kay. She thoroughly enjoys her new role of as an entrepreneur and loves sharing her knowledge with others. She knows the commitment, dedication and attitude it takes to be successful, whether working for someone else or on your own.

Pamela Heward Certified Life Management Coach 602-821-3966

Cheryl Toney Certified Life Management Coach 954-562-0550

Debbie Davis
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant



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