How are we doing???

Here is where you get to let us know how GPS is working for you, your business, your relationships, and connections.

The Testimonial page is where you can share your GPS experiences and let us know about the organization, members in your chapter, or a member you have connected with that you want to share with us.

This is where we share our KUDOS and WARM FUZZIES with everyone!!!

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Debbie šŸ˜‰

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14 Responses to How are we doing???

  1. A big thank you to Becky Norwood from the SW Chapter for the drive to the GPS Mixer, the registration and the confidence you shared with me. I greatly appreaciate your kindness. I will miss the group over the next few months but am enjoying the cooler weather and the ability to get out and jog and bike. I look forward to seeing everyone again in October. I am still available on my AZ phone or email and you can also talk to Wioleta as we are in almost daily contact.

    Barbara Larsen

  2. I have a fan page on facebook that is lots of fun..You may want to use that as a medium to get your business out there…come and like my page……I wish you all an awesone July..I am vacationing in the cool of upstate NH with my son and family…lots of fun just hanging out with each other days…I wish you a week/month of inner peace, good health and great joy…Remember circumstances are 10% of our lives our attitude is 90%…can you pick your own attitude?

  3. As a leader of the Glendale 2 Chapter I have been so blessed by the women I lead. I truly value the relationships that have developed & know that if I need help, whether in business or personal, these ladies would absolutely step up to the demand. So look forward to the future with GPS!
    Cheryl Muecke

    • Cheryl Belluomo says:

      Glendale Chapter #2 is very blessed to have Cheryl Muecke as our chapter leader. She is creative and has innovative ways of leading our meetings which allows everyone to be comfortable. People feel welcome in that group and look forward to the twice monthly meetings. Kudos to our leader Cheryl and her co-leader, Melissa for a wonderful well run group of ladies.

  4. Linda says:

    I just want everyone to know how fun our group is (Glendale 2)and how creative our director Cheryl Muecke is also…It felt like we were all out for drinks and laughs at the meeting on the morning of the 10th! So much laughter and ideas and friendship flowing, it was great! Before going to these meetings I didn’t do so well with public speaking, but Cheryl has a way of getting you comfortable enough to get up and perform…I really appreciate that and we had a few new members that day so hope they saw how fun we are and hopefully will jump on board. I will be meeting with Dr. Debbie Thompson tomorrow for breakfast so I will tell our group all about her talents in a couple of weeks! Again THANK YOU CHERYL for a great meeting!

  5. Our Southwest Chapter has had a lot of our members losing loved ones or experiencing illness. While we all try to stay on top of making sure we are there to support our sisters, we at times have not stepped up to show our support, simply because we live busy lives.
    We have set up a committee of 3 that makes sure that we are all kept informed. It is working well. This week, Barbara Adkins, a life coach and author messaged me that she was ill in the hospital. Our sisters have stepped up and this is what she wrote to us:
    ” Hello Becky, Kimberly and Ladies of GPS,
    Little Things Means a Lot to me – whether it was a visit to the hospital, a phone call, a prayer or a simple thought ā€“ for this Iā€™m grateful.
    I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you and the women of GPS for your recent thoughtfulness especially for the bouquet of flowers. It was kind of you to take time from your busy schedules to visit me during my stay in the hospital.
    It was just what I needed but never expected! Iā€™m touched by your generosity, your spirit, and willingness to extend an offer to help even in my post recovery. Indeed, your expressed act of kindness shows that the women in West Valley GPS are about not only business, but also caring and helping each other on a broader scale. I am indeed lucky to have connected with this group.
    Thank you again for being so thoughtful.

    Barbara Adkins”

  6. Gail Norris says:

    GPS ROCKS!!!

    GPS helps women of all ages meet twice each month to share their lives, businesses, love and respect for each other, and so much more! It is truly an honor to be a part of such a supportive and energetic group of women!

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to NE GPS Chapter and Leader Bev Hendricks as we celebrate our First Anniversary in August 2012! Bev always goes way above the ordinary to make each meeting a spectacular happening! NE GPS Chapter members are honored you are our Leader!

    Many, many “Thank You’s” and “Kudos” for who you are and all you do to make us a very special group of GPS Members. We are special ’cause of you!

    Much Love To A Good Friend,

    Gail Norris

    • Actually Gail, it is me who stands in awe. The women in GPS and in particular the members of the N. Phoenix chapter are amazing.

      Each members seems to reflect and live the GPS motto, “Give first, share always.
      I personally see ” G.P.S. Networking as a journey…..a amazing journey where women with families, homes, and working to build businesses are traveling, but all of these travelers are willing to share their road map to success and always have time to support, help, care for one another. GPS is more than networking….it’s about building relationships….Thanks to Debbie Davis for her vision. She has taken networking to a whole new level.

  7. Gail Norris says:


    …for your extraordinary vision in creating GPS for the women entrepreneurs of Glendale/Phoenix, Arizona! The growth and potential of the many chapters and members testify to the validity of that vision! Your foresight has given the women of GPS not only business contacts and opportunities, but also added friendships and value to our lives.

    All best wishes and continued success as GPS goes viral! We consider it an honor to know you “up close and personal!”

    Thanks again, Debbie!

  8. Spongie Jensen says:

    I was first introduced to GPS through Melissa, co-leader of Glendale II, at a Face Time Friday networking event. I came that following week as her guest…and that was in February when Debbie & Rhonda still were at the helm of that Chapter. What can I say. When you meet Debbie Davis, you can’t help feeling you made the right choice in becoming part of this group of entrepreneurial, giving, and loving women. Debbie is no longer the chapter leader, as she is busy growing GPS. We are very fortunate to have Cheryl Muecke and Melissa Meyers who both bring their creativity, love, and a free spirit to the dynamic women of Glendale II. I have since joined two more chapters…so to answer that question, (How are we Doing?) this comment should answer that!
    Much love & respect,

  9. Dee Roberts says:

    Our company is in the middle of a “Gratitude Challenge” , and it just brings to mind how greatful I am to have each of you in my life. Over the years Gods has chosen to bless me in many ways. He has preformed miracles in my life, and continues every day to bless me more and more. I’m telling you this because I feel that God places people in our lives when we need them….and that is just what he has done for all of us when he placed Debbie Davis in our lives. The blessings I have received just by knowing each and everyone of you can not be measured in words. Thank you Debbie for the vision you had and thank you for persuing that vision and thank you Debbie for reaching out to all of us. Our world is a better place because of you and all of our GPS sisters. I appreciate you all so much, God bless you all.
    Hugs to everyone,

  10. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for the members of GPS – an amazing, wonderful, and supportive group of ladies! I joined the NE Phoenix Chapter over a year ago (at it’s inception) and since then, have learned so much from my fellow members. What I love the most is the encouragement and enthusiasm present at every meeting. Whether you are a new business owner or a seasoned one, GPS provides the support and guidance needed for success.

    For me, GPS has been very special because the group has helped me grow personally and professionally through the wonderful connections made. I look forward to many years filled with GPS meetings and special events!

    A special warm thanks to Bev Hendricks, the NE Phoenix Chapter Leader, and all the exceptional mebers!!

  11. Sandra Yannone says:

    I want to thank all the gals that contributed to the Large gift box on Sat for the Craft Fair- I won it & my Granddaughter & I had so much fun
    looking through it- It was like Christmas.
    You gals are the best. I’m impressed how warm all of you are. I am in the Glendale eve. chapter with Barb Jennings- also very special.
    Thanks again-looking forward to next years event.
    Sandy Yannone

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