GPS Networking Success Story!!

Every day our GPS members are following the credo of Give First…Share Always. We work hard to share business information among our many contacts to get the word out about our member businesses and the GPS organization that is there for all of us.

Whenever we get together for events, meetings, or just one on one “get to know you better” coffee dates, it is enriching our experiences as we strive to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

This story of illustrates the power of creating connections and community!!

We recently held an all GPS mixer at our favorite venue: Ironworks Restaurant. GPS’ers love to take a night and just have FUN with other members, enjoy each other’s company, and share business AND of course all things GPS. One of our GPS event sponsors, Robin Eveland from Larry Miller Toyota was sharing information with us about how LMT management and staff are so passionate about community relationships and love partnering with GPS, and asked us about any local charities they could support, especially if that charity is focused on helping women. We talked about Eve’s Place, a shelter to protect victims of domestic violence, and we formed a plan to see what we could to to help.

Robin and her staff have a great program at LMT called Woman 2 Woman where women can go and have a great evening being educated about care care, maintenance, advice, etc. and they put on quite a party, with food, fun and of course vendor tables MOST of which were GPS members. We invited Laurie from Eve’s Place to attend as our guest, and LMT would have a donation for them. We talked about $250 and maybe even a $500 donation, so we were really excited!

Robin and Mark Mauer, General Manager called Laurie up to present her check and we all just about fell over when Robin, Mark and the staff at Larry Miller Toyota presented her with a check for $5000.   Half of the donation came from LMT and the other half was matched by Toyota Corp.

All night last night and this morning I have been just floating in a bubble because of all the elements that fell into place that ended in such an inspirational moment. It is so gratifying to see that just a few moments of conversation and sharing our beliefs and passion could bring about such generosity.

This series of events just affirms that the power of women in networking and especially GPS is unlimited in it’s scope and reach.  I wanted you all to share in the affirmation that GPS WOMEN ROCK!!!

Hugs, Debbie

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2 Responses to GPS Networking Success Story!!

  1. Pam Eaton says:

    I was there as well. It was so amazing. It is so wonderful that Miller Toyota is helping this great organization. The evening was so exciting. Looking forward to more events like this one. Robin, Brittany, and Mark did a
    fantastic job putting this on!!!

  2. Gail Allen says:

    Beautiful evening held outdoors. LMT provided music,food and hreat conversation. I look forward to supporting their future events.

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