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Entrepreneurship for women has become a movement and the National Women’s Business Council provides the facts to prove it! More and more women are utilizing their education, skills, talents, and experiences to be a resource and provision for their families and communities. According to the National Foundation for Women Business Owners, women are starting new companies at twice the rate of men. And to me that is AMAZING! High five to all the women who own small businesses, and to the entrepreneurs making it happen no matter what.


Some men are perplexed and stand in disbelief at the inherent skills we have as wives, mothers, sisters and business women. We are making it happen, and here are the five characteristics I believe every Entrepreneur must possess in order to be successful.

  1. Patience
    It doesn’t happen overnight. You must have this trait, fruit, or skill set if you want to be an entrepreneur. Why? Because things are never going to happen as you planned or how you planned. This skill is understanding that everything happens in due season and in due time. It takes an apple tree two years to bear it’s first fruit and farmer’s know that when they plant the seed.
  2. Perseverance
    “Never, never never give up…unless you are participating in a contest where the person who gives up wins.” Winston Churchill  Some call it tenacity; others just say “never give up.” It is a trait that you must possess while on this journey because setbacks, trials, trouble, and unforeseen circumstances are built into the formula. Perseverance produces productivity, growth, strength of character, preparedness, and strong faith. Maturity is developed and is exercised in your life like never before when you believe in something that no one else can see. And then you eventually see it come to pass.
  3. Confidence
    If you don’t believe in what it is that you are doing, why should someone else? Confidence is not pride, or conceit, or having a condescending attitude toward others. It is being secure in you and in your vision as a business owner. It is knowing like you do that this is what you have been placed on this earth to do. It’s understanding that if you don’t do what you were placed here to do and someone else tries to do it, they will mess it all up. It’s knowing that you are the solution to someone’s problem. It is knowing.
  4. Persuasive Negotiation Skills
    Make your own rules and stand by the number in your head. If you are not confident in your brand, then you will not be able to persuade others that you are the best thing since sliced bread. Confidence gives you an edge. It gives you power to walk into a room of sharks and have everyone invest in what it is you are selling. You must be able to talk about money like it’s the weather or a hot pair of Christian Louboutins. Having persuasive negotiation skills is trading the lesser for more while not losing value or worth. Your skill only grows when you are confident.
  5. Integrity
    Never sell out. This is living a life that is consistent in belief, behavior, words and deeds. No one wants to do business with a liar, cheater, or someone who always break promises. When people buy into your business, they are buying into you. Whatever you believe in or don’t believe in, stand by it–no matter what the cost.

What Abouts?

What about faith? It’s covered in patience. There is no way you can be patient without having some type of faith.
What about being committed or loyal? These are built into perseverance. If you never quit, you are committed and loyal to what you have started. This covers discipline as well.
What about passionate? There is no way to have patience and not be passionate about what you are doing…remember this is why these are the TOP Five!

Notice that the Top Five are all interconnected; there is no way to possess just one. To be a successful Entrepreneur, you can’t have one without the other.

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3 Responses to Successful Entrepreneurship

  1. Hi Debbie,
    Very nice, very true! Thanks. Marilyn

  2. Thanks Debbie, A nice entry.

  3. Debbie, I remember that day in 2007 when you left retail management to work your Mary Kay business full-time! You had those 5 characteristics then and you have improved and expanded on them since that time. I marvel at all you have accomplished and applaud the amazing entrepreneur you have become. Thank you for being the shining example for the rest of us. Great blog by the way!!

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