GPS Gratitude

The Thanksgiving Holiday is upon us and we are about to make our way to family and friends to share food and time together. We’re making pies, turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings.

I spent my day running around getting business appointments wrapped up before the Holiday, and I felt the need to slow down and reflect on what is really important and how grateful I really am for my many blessings. I stop and look at the beautiful Arizona blue sky and smell the fresh air, I listen to some music and my thoughts go to family, friends and finally my place in this world. Then came the inspiration I was looking for to share these thoughts with you.

As I then look back on the almost 2 years of GPS, I am truly thankful for the women of GPS and all they bring to my life. I was meant to be in this place and my peace comes from the balance of finding my path and following it on this amazing journey. Every meeting, event, coffee date, phone call, e-mail and message is a reminder of how much we all love this group, and how much we have all grown in it together. It could be more customers for our business, a new friend, learning something new, or being a mentor to someone that is struggling. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I am GRATEFUL that GPS is a wonderful part of my life, my business and my relationships. Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Hugs, Debbie

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4 Responses to GPS Gratitude

  1. Cindy Seipel says:

    We’re so grateful for you Debbie and your vision and commitment to this group and all of us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  2. We thank you for providing us with GPS, Debbie Davis. You have given us all a very special blessing and we are grateful.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is fine as you share with your family!

  3. How did you do this Cindy? It is only 1:15 and it says you left reply at 3:03pm! What’s up with that?

    Any way I just wanted to let everyone know that I am thankful for Debbie, Cindy and all the lovely ladies whom I associate with here in GPS. May you all have the most Blessed Thanksgiving ever.

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