Being “In the Moment”

What does it feel like when you are talking to someone or sharing your business information, and the person is distracted, texting, and looking all over the room? We have all had this experience and it is not comforting to know the person you are talking to is elsewhere…either thinking of other appointments, or absorbed in their own life and issues. Have you ever been that person?

I recently spent some quality time with a trusted friend and confidant. She showed me by her example what it feels like to be fully invested “in the moment” with another person. She let me know by her body language, interest in the subjects we were exploring, and just general attitude that I was special and important in her life. Our meeting was about an entirely different topic, and quite interesting, but the lasting lesson I learned from our meeting was to slow down and be present in your life.

This subject topic has presented itself to me in many ways recently, so I am listening to those very important “nudges” and “whispers” in my life and listening.  Okay Universe..I hear you!!  The message is to wake up and become aware of the life you are living now… in these moments and seconds.  The only time you ever live your life is in this present moment.

When we are truly present in our lives, we recognize the ordinary moments are life’s greatest gift. Don’t wait until you are looking back to appreciate the little things that make our lives so special.  The call from a friend, the kiss of a child, the song you love on the radio, a rainbow or a sunset. All these little moments are part of living a life with small blessings. Small blessings that become the fabric of your life and who you are.

Several years ago I read a book by Randy Pausch called the Last Lecture. The author was a college professor and husband and father of 3 small children that knew he had just a short time left to live..he had pancreatic cancer, and his message was one of hope and gratitude. The lecture was to a packed classroom at Carnegie-Mellon University where he taught. He was grateful for his life, family, children and opportunities to give. He did not bemoan his plight, rather celebrated all he had and loved. It was an amazing message and I made sure to listen to the message of  every moment and every word of the book. I keep it by my desk and sometimes read passages as a reminder. What an amazing legacy he left for his children.  If someone you love has passed away, celebrate and honor their lives by appreciating your own every day.

My wish for all of you is to take a moment right now, no matter where you are or what you are doing, and let your gratitude for your life, family and friends to wash over you and heal your little frustrations.

Take a moment to rest and give your self time to refuel, because the relationship you have with yourself is the most important of all.



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