The Soul of Mentorship



We are women and we talk about what we love most about our friends,lives, homes, families, what we do and don’t do. It is in our nature to share and nurture. This is the perfect place for us to do what we do best. There is nothing that feels better than seeing someone take your idea or suggestion and use that information to improve any situation in her life. We thrive on sharing, and giving, with no real expectation of any return other than we were there when someone needed us. What better way to grow than to see someone else grow.

When we coach someone by listening, teaching, and helping to  develop her strengths and problem solve,we automatically become better! It is just a given that you always learn when you teach, and showing an example means living that example your self, and holds you accountable for your own actions. It wakes up your senses and sets you on the path yourself, with more information and better skills.

Our GPS Member Mentorship program has been under development for quite sometime now, because we wanted it to be something new (and existing) members will seek out as they follow their paths to success. As we launch this program and give it wings, we are excited that the collaboration of mentor/teacher and student will build those lasting relationships we all appreciate so much in our business and personal lives.

Look for more announcements as we move forward with this program, and as always, your feedback and suggestions are so welcomed and appreciated!!




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  1. Debbie,

    I totally love your blog and particularly like the mentorship program for Gals Prepared to Succeed. I feel it gives so much value to what we are striving to accomplish and is a means for each one of us to grow personally.
    Thanks for your vision and your sweet spirit!

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