What were you meant to be?

A calling is doing just what you are supposed to do with the people you were meant to do it with.  You are not GPS members by accident, it is an intention you sent into the universe that you may not even know you did, but as you widen your circle of influence with positive people, and women of purpose, you are seeing the return from that intention.  You have listened to your passion and realized what lights you up and made you feel good was to follow that little whisper that said…this is where I need to be.

Embrace your best life and make a difference in however it looks for you. Pay it forward wherever you go and begin each day with the intention of making a difference in someone’s life.

This is a group of women called together by a shared passion.  I see each and every one of you at our meetings and events and you are valued beyond measure.  You may not achieve huge fame or fortune following your dreams, but your soul will be filled up as those blessings that you send into the world each day return to you.


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