Not just another networking group

Whenever I am talking to women about GPS the first topic I discuss is what is so special about GPS?  Our group is not the first networking group in existence and since I have been networking I have seen MANY groups that are amazing and involved. All I can tell these women is that we have criteria that have been the same since day one and we have not wavered from that promise.  This group exists to assist women in business and give them roadmaps to be successful. We have continued to put programs and events in place that will give them the tools they need to move forward in following their dreams. We help and encourage them to create lasting relationships. I have seen so many women that are at a crossroads find their path to success through their associations with the other women in our groups.

I am proud and excited to see all the progress we have made since January 2010. It is gratifying and gives me a sense of peace and comfort to see dreams come true..especially my dream to be a destination for women in busineses.


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