The best little networking group EVER!!

Well it is the beginning of our GPS year, and wow we sure accomplished alot this last year. We have come so far, I am excited to see what somes next.

They say struggles are good for the soul, well if that is the case..I am good to go for heaven 😉  After a long process, we finally have an amazing group of women dedicated to the success of GPS..our board of directors. 

We are so proud to say we have now grown to 4 busy chapters with more to come. Looking for GPS chapter leaders in Surprise, Goodyear and Litchfield.

And after weeks of agony, we have a website..well almost. It’s amazing how much work goes into creating just the right website for our group, and finding someone that understands your vision and can translate it to the page.

Our events for the next year are pretty much mapped out, now comes the hard part..making it happen! We have had so much fun and achieved so much and come so far..I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in this next year. Hold on ladies!!

Dream big…think small. Keeping it real and staying on track.

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